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Sat, Aug. 14th, 2004, 02:54 pm
deathbyy0urkiss: New here :)

Hey I'm new here, and i LOVE to bitch so this community looks good to me. ;)

So my story?
I met this guy a year older than me that goes to my school and I fell really hard for him. I was fuckin in love with that boy and I was good to him and he was such a prick when his friends were around. So one night i finally came around and dumped his sorry ass..but yeah stupid me i was still in love with him..the day after he told me there was a good chance we'd get back together after the fireworks that night. Kay, well no..that didn't happen he used me coz he wanted some and then told me all this bullshit about how we were just friends. Well two weeks later I found a good guy and we started going out..this is like early July maybe? And a few weeks ago I hear that my ex is sayin all this stuff to his friends that i moved too "fast" after we broke up, he called me a slut, and all this other bullshit. He saw me today and JESUS H CHRIST could he make it any more obvious that he was into me?!

Well..my problem is..I'm still very attracted to him and I saved these old notes he wrote me and i still like him i think..I'm just still really attracted to him and he is to me too..i dont know what to do..:\ Advice? Please..?

Sun, Aug. 15th, 2004 04:41 am (UTC)

wait for him to grow up.

Sun, Sep. 12th, 2004 03:57 am (UTC)

If he used you before than most likely he's just trying to use you again.